• Reservation Reccomended


Fun, Interpretive and Up Close Encounters

Quick Details

Self-Drive Tours

Duration: At your own pace, you can expect to spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Included: Access to the Safari and walk-thru

Cost: $40 per carload

No Reservations

Guided Tours

Duration: 1 1/2 to 2 hr guided tour.

Included: Guided  safari tour on the open air tour wagon and guided tour of walk-through area. Includes one parakeet stick per person.

Costs: $17 for adults; $12 for kids age 3-11.

Online Reservation Recommended: Our unique, guided wildlife tours ensure a tranquil experience with one on one attention for our guests.


Large Groups (20 Person Group Minimum)
Senior or Military

Explore the Ranch On Your Own or with a Guided Tour

Whether you explore from the comfort of your own vehicle or with the help of a Conservation Ranger,  people of all ages will enjoy our interactive tour of the 65-acre wildlife ranch in Eager, Arizona. Roam among the once extinct in the wild, like scimitar horned oryx, water buffalo, and giant watusi cattle. Stand among 200 colorful parakeets as they eat at your finger tips. Your private tour at the R Lazy J Wildlife Ranch includes great wildlife encounters, amazing experiences with an animals, and exclusive access to the ranch and our rangers.


Add-on Wildlife Experiences

Parakeet feeding | $2 or 3/$5 per extra feed stick

Enter our outdoor aviary with a guide and feed up to 100 budgie parakeets. These beautiful birds are one of the world’s smallest parrots. Our budgies are colorful, sweet and playful, and will land on you to eat millet seed right from your hand. It is a very special moment when a budgie lands on you to partake in your gift of millet seed.

Lemur Encounter | $25 per person. Must be three or older to participate

Learn about lemur social behaviors, what makes them primates like us, and why they are in danger of extinction. You can enter the ring-tailed lemur habitat with a guide and hand feed grapes to a troop of playful prosimians. Ring-tailed lemurs are very polite. They line up to gently touch your hand with theirs, carefully removing a grape from your fingers.

Sloth Encounter | $25 per person. Must be three or older to participate

Learn about sloth behaviors, what makes them unique, and why they are in danger of extinction. You can enter the sloth habitat with a guide and hand feed these amazing rain forest dwellers. 

Extra Petting Barn Feed |  $5 per cup

Interact with and feed some of the Ranch’s domestic critters! Enter our Petting Zoo where you have a chance to feed a variety of barnyard animals such as Kune Kune pigs, giant sulcata tortoises, capybara, goats, and more! These adorable little animals are always eager to greet guests before politely accepting yummy treats.