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Guided Tour with Sloth Encounter

Sloth Encounter near Greer and Alpine, AZ

Quick Details

Over the course of about two hours, you encounter animals on the safari, in the aviary, and throughout the zoo with the help of your own tour guide. This exclusive opportunity provides a relaxing and enriching environment in which you learn about over 56 species of animals from around the world and come face to face with most of them. At the end of the tour you will have an opportunity to meet our sloths Money Penny and Flash in a behind the scenes encounter.

You can also add on a Lemur Encounter if you wish and additional feed for camels and barnyard, are available for purchase if you choose.



Full Guided Tour of The Ranch with Sloth Encounter

We are dedicated to protecting the wonderful animals that exist in our world and we want to share that love with you. When you visit our wildlife ranch, you will learn all about the animals that we protect and we are confident that you will love them too.

If you are visiting or live in Tucson or Phoenix areas, and want to experience a sloth encounter, schedule a guided tour of R Lazy J Wildlife Ranch and plan a scenic day trip into the White Mountains. To learn more about the animals you could see on the tour, you can visit our Meet the Animals page and then schedule your tour! We are excited to share the wildlife with you.

Lemur Encounter

The Lemur Encounter can be added onto any reservation. It is for ages 5 and older only. Learn about lemurs behaviors, what makes them so special and why they are in danger of extinction. You can enter the habitat with a guide and offer the lemur a tasty treat.

Parakeet Encounter

Guests of all ages love being among hundreds of colorful parakeets in our parakeet aviary. Feed sticks can be purchased at the time of your reservation or upon your arrival.

Animals that everyone has an opportunity to feed during the guided tour.

  • Dromedary camel
  • Asian water buffalo
  • Llama
  • Nilgai
  • Eland
  • Red River Hogs
  • Dorper Sheep
  • Boer Goat
  • Kangaroo
  • Wallaby
  • Sulcata Tortoises
  • Arizona Desert Tortoises
  • Kune Kune Pigs
  • African Crested Porcupine
  • Capybara
  • Zebra
  • Miniature donkey
  • Miniature zebu

Other animals you can view

  • Addax
  • Black Buck
  • Kookaburra
  • Emu
  • Rhea
  • Fennec Fox
  • Bat Eared Fox
  • Greater Curassow
  • Helmeted Curassow
  • Maned Wolf

Animal Ambassadors

  • 3-banded Armadillo
  • European Ferret
  • Pygmy Hedgehog
  • Ball Python
  • Russian Tortoise
  • Rose hair tarantula
  • Uromastyx