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About the Ranch

Why We Call Ourselves a Ranch

Ranching, farming, and agriculture in general is the mechanism by which human beings have connected themselves to the land as stewards of the earth. While traditional agriculture refers to the production of food and fiber, modern agriculture has evolved to augment these basic human needs with conservation -focused practices that seek to conserve and protect all natural resources.


We are facing the sixth mass extinction and need all the help we can get with regards to preserving wildlife. No animal bred in captivity, bred by private individuals has ever gone extinct. In the last 10 years, the scimitar horned oryx (a species extinct in the wild – but managed in captivity on private ranches and zoos) was reintroduced back into the wild in Chad in northern Africa. Our aspiration is to not only contribute to the propagation of threatened and endangered species, but create connections between our guests and wildlife that benefit conservation efforts globally.

Jacob Roer and Vanessa Roer

Why Eagar, Arizona?

Is there a more beautiful, more relaxing, more temperate place and with ample water and amazing sunsets in the West? We don’t think so. While many of our exotic animal species come from far-off lands, the mild Eagar winters and summers, dry climate, and well draining soils, are ideally for their overall health and well being… and we absolutely love God’s country here in the White Mountains!

Who are We?

Jacob Roer is a third-generation Arizona rancher and has dedicated (and often risked) his life for livestock since his birth in Wikieup, AZ. Vanessa Roer has a degree in Agriculture Education and has worked in the zoo industry most of her adult life. Together they have five children and one grandchild on the way.