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Private Encounters

Up Close and Interactive Encounters with Animals from Around the World!



Duration: 1 1/2 to 2 hr guided tour.

Included:  Guided safari tour on the open-air tour wagon and guided tour of the walk-through area.

Costs: Adults and Children age 3+ are $25; Senior and Military are $20; Children age 2 and below are free.

Reservation Required:  Our unique, guided wildlife tours ensure a tranquil experience with one on one attention for our guests.


Explore The Ranch With A Guided Tour

People of all ages will enjoy our interactive tour of the 65-acre wildlife ranch in Eagar, Arizona. Roam among the addax and eland. Get nose to nose with camel and water buffalo. Stand among 200 colorful parakeets as they eat at your finger tips. Your private tour at the R Lazy J Wildlife Ranch includes great wildlife encounters, amazing experiences animals, and exclusive access to the ranch and our rangers.

  • Parakeet Sticks | $2 Each or 3/$5

  • Enter our parakeet aviary and feed beautifully colored parakeets .

  • Lemur Encounter | $50

  • Enter the Lemur Exhibit and hand-feed our ringtail lemurs. Must be at least 5 years old.

  • Sloth Encounter | $75

  • Enter the Sloth Exhibit, pet and hand feed our two-toed sloth.

  • Fennec Fox Feeding | $10

  • Give fennec fox some of their favorite treats over the glass.

  • Bat Eared Fox Encounter | $50

  • Enter the bat eared fox enclosure and feed them one of their favorite treats with long handled tongs.

  • Meet an Animal Ambassador | $40

  • Private meet and greet with one of our animal ambassadors for you and your booking party. Choose from 3-banded armadillos, ball python, bearded dragon, ferret, bunny

  • Capybara Encounter | $50

  • Enter the Capybara Enclosure and help a zoo keeper give a capybara a shower!

  • Bunny Encounter | $25

  • Enter the Bunny Exhibit, pet and hand feed our domestic rabbits.